Brand Groove

Welcome to the Brand Groove™. We at Morsekode (MK), believe that a great brand is like a great song. It tells a story and connects with its audience on a rational and emotional appeal. It's something you look forward to connecting with.

The Brand Groove™ generator is an audio metaphor, created to demonstrate individual contributions made to a brand by the 8 equities influencing it: 4 internal, 4 external. Here's how it works:

  • Step One: Select sounds from the Brand Groove™ generator that best represent your brand sound. Start with "style."
  • Step Two: Once the eight sound attributes are selected, you'll need to dial-in a mix. Slide the fader bars up or down to mix a good sound. Simplify your message.
  • Step Three: Save the mix you like and share it with a colleague.

Help? If you are having difficulty using the Brand Groove generator, please contact MK at We'll be happy to help you get your groove on.

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